Voice Of Inclusion Change & Empowerment


Voice Of Inclusion Change & Empowerment: Maricopa's employee constituency group supporting employees with disabilities.


The purpose of the VOICE Maricopa Constituency Group is to assist and support MCCCD in its efforts to:

  • Recruit, hire, retain and advance high-quality employees with disabilities from the community;
  • Model the successful employment of people with disabilities to promote and inspire students to also become successfully employed;
  • Identify the concerns of employees with disabilities that might otherwise go unrecognized, seeking qualified recommendations and strategies and inviting participation in the implementation of such strategies as needed to effectively and proactively address the concerns;
  • Provide a resource to assist employees with disabilities in successfully working within the Maricopa system to obtain reasonable accommodations;
  • Insure that all sectors and levels within MCCCD are both aware of, and adhere to, the written policies designed to foster inclusiveness;
  • Provide centralized and consistent accommodations for employees with disabilities to support and enhance job performance;
  • Consult with employees with disabilities themselves to insure optimum accessibility of facilities, communications, and electronic systems;
  • Foster Cooperation with other Maricopa groups and committees to develop a climate that allows all students and employees to succeed.