3.9 Domesticated Animals on Campus

To implement a formal administrative regulation that addresses instances where animals are permitted on campus. This item would take the place of language titled “Pet Policy” that presently appears in student handbooks and instead be placed within the Instruction section of the administrative regulations.

Animals, including pets, are prohibited on campus with the exception of service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); service-animals-in-training that are part of a certified or accredited program that is recognized within the service animal industry to train animals in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act; animals for instructional purposes as approved by the appropriate district or college authority; and working dogs used by a law enforcement agency for law enforcement purposes. Animals-in-training must be clearly identified (i.e., wearing a vest) and prior permission of the college’s administration shall be obtained in advance. During work and classroom hours, no more than one service-animal-in-training is permitted on site per employee or student.

The ADA defines service animals as those that are individually trained to provide assistance to any individual with a disability. If animals meet this definition, they are considered service animals under the ADA regardless of whether they have been licensed or certified by a state or local government. This does not include animals for emotional support. Service animals and service-animals-in-training shall be leashed and remain under the owner’s or caretaker’s control at all times.

Animals that are used specifically to further an instructional purpose as part of a college or district program are permitted at the college and may also be kenneled at that location. These animals shall be kenneled and handled in such a way that does not pose a danger to any person on campus. Any injuries resulting from interaction with these animals shall be reported immediately to the College Public Safety Department for documentation. Injuries may also be subject to reporting with the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control.

ADOPTED through the Administrative Regulation approval process, September 23, 2008