S-10 Application Process for Reduced Course Loads

S-10 Application Process for Reduced Course Loads danim94751
  1. Applications for reduced course loads must be submitted to the Disability & Services professional with supporting documentation. Requests must be made prior to the beginning of each semester.
  2. Supporting documentation must include a diagnostic evaluation from an appropriate professional. The documentation must meet the guidelines set forth by the Maricopa Community College District’s Documentation Policy in order to evaluate the current impact of the disability in regards to the request. Students are required to complete an application form for this status every semester, but do not need to re-submit their documentation. Continuation of this status is not automatic. Each case will be re-evaluated at the end of the semester to determine if this accommodation is still appropriate.
  3. Students requesting a reduced course load should consult with their academic advisor regarding the consequences of this status for making progress toward graduation requirements and eligibility for various academic distinctions and designations.
  4. Students registered in occupational and/or academic programs that have specific block formats will not be considered for reduced course loads.
  5. Students who are approved for a reduced course load will be required to sign the Reduced Course Load Approval Form, which includes a statement acknowledging that he or she has reviewed the consequences that go with reduced load status and accepts them.
  6. When a reduced course load status is granted by the Disability Resources & Services professional, a copy of the Reduced Course Load Approval Form will be sent to the appropriate individuals.

Reduced Course Load Approval Form (Adobe Acrobat—Requires Acrobat Reader)