3.2 Accountability of the Chancellor

All Board authority delegated to District management is delegated through the Chancellor. Therefore, all authority and accountability of staff, as far as the Board is concerned, is considered to be the authority and accountability of the Chancellor.

  1. The Board will not give instructions to persons who report directly or indirectly to the Chancellor.
  2. The Board will not evaluate, either formally or informally, any staff other than the Chancellor.
  3. The Board will consider and evaluate the Chancellor's performance synonymous with organizational achievement of Board outcomes (with measurement indicators as agreed upon by the board) and compliance with Chancellor Limitations within the parameters of legality, prudence, and ethics. Consequently, the Chancellor's job description and evaluation address performance.

AMENDED October 22, 2013, Motion No. 10112
AMENDED February 22, 2011, Motion No. 9781, 9782