1.4 Community Development and Civic and Global Engagement

  • The Maricopa County Community College District will position its resources across the colleges and throughout the county to provide residents access to activities that enrich the entire community and contribute to the public good.
  • Students will have the knowledge, skills, and democratic values individuals should possess in order to be effective citizens who understand their civic obligation to identify, articulate, and address community-based problems--from the neighborhood, to the community organization, to the business where they work.
  • Through innovation, the Maricopa County Community College District will be a driving force for economic and workforce development as students demonstrate global and local knowledge, perspectives, and skills necessary for success in a globalized workforce.

AMENDED on Consent Agenda, June 27, 2017, Motion 10505
AMENDED April 28, 2015, Motion No. 10292
ADOPTED May 24, 2011, Motion No. 9814