Melissa Talks

Melissa Talks is a 30-minute informative discussion held at 10:00 a.m., every third Friday of the month (Thursdays during the summer). In this discussion, Melissa will provide information on various topics and within 24 business hours after the talk, a handout covering the material will be posted here on the webpage.

To join Melissa Talks on the dates noted below please let Elana Shteir know that you would like to attend and they will provide you with the Webex Meeting link.

The upcoming schedule for Melissa Talks is as follows:

Date Topic Handout(s)
10/18/19   Petition Signature Solicitation, Voter Registration Programs, and Free Expression Events PetSigSol
11/15/19 Immigrant and non-immigrant visas/Eligibility to study and in-state tuition ImmigrationIssues
12/20/19 SAP GPA and Academic GPA Discrepancy and Solution SAP-GPA
01/17/20 Advanced FERPA: emails and educational records AdvancedFERPA
02/21/20 A new era in Title IX Compliance: Process, Fairness, and new regulations take center stage TitleIX
03/20/20 Canceled due to COVID-19  
04/17/20 Canceled due to COVID-19  
05/14/20 New Title IX Regulations Released: An Overview T9 Takeaways
06/18/20 Cancel Culture and Complaints about Racist and Otherwise Inappropriate Social Media Posts Cancel Culture
07/16/20 Canceled  
08/21/20 Religious Accommodations Religious Accommodations 
09/18/20 Last Date of Attendance: Compliance LDA Compliance
10/16/20 Executive Order on Combatting Race and Sex Stereotyping EO Race/Sex
11/20/20 Public Records Requests: What Every Leader Should Know PRR Presentation
12/18/20 Parent Involvement in Student Academics Parents and SA
01/15/21 Due Process in Academic and Conduct Issues Due Process
02/19/21 What is a Campus Security Authority under the Clery Act/MCCCD policy and what does it mean to be one? What is a CSA?
03/16/21 Routing of Sexual Harassment/Discrimination Complaints Routing Cases
04/16/21 Prohibited Retaliation: What is it and what does it look like? Retaliation
05/20/21 The Contracts Process and Vendor Management for MCCCD Contracts Process
06/17/21 HIPAA and Higher Education HIPAA & Higher Ed
07/15/21 Clery and Title IX Intersections Clery and Title IX
08/20/21 Managing Student Organizations: Risks and Liabilities Student Organizations
08/27/21 Special Session: ADA Accommodations and Mask Requirements in the Classroom Special Session
09/17/21 E-sports on Campus and NIL decision E-Sports/NIL
10/15/21 Guardianship/Power of Attorney Guardianship/PoA
11/19/21 Provisional Accommodations for Students Accommodations
12/17/21 Due Process in Academic Misconduct Cases AA Due Process
01/21/22 FERPA and the Solomon Amendment FERPA/Solomon
02/18/22 Copyright and the Fair Use Doctrine Copyright/Fair Use
03/18/22 Canceled - Spring Break  
04/15/22 Video Recording in Public Spaces Video/Audio
05/19/22 Do you know EDGAR? Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention EDGAR
06/14/22 GLBA--Multi-Factor Authentication for Student Accounts


More on GLBA

07/14/22 The difference between Titles--IX, VII, VI, and IV Differences
08/19/22 Financial Aid Eligibility for ESL and Remedial Courses ESL/Remedial FA 
09/16/22 What are Government Enforcement Agencies and what do they do (ADCR, EEOC, OCR, and OIG)? Enforcement Agencies
10/21/22 When (and If) a District employee can be held liable if they are named in a lawsuit against the District? Employee Liability
11/18/22 Students at Risk for Self-harm or Suicide At-Risk Students
12/16/22 ASA Regulatory Compliance Website ASA Website
01/20/23 Students and Grade Disputes Students & Grades
02/17/23 Data and Privacy Security Data Privacy
03/15/23 Canceled due to Spring Break  
04/21/23 Athletic Code of Conduct v. Student Code of Conduct: When the two Intersect. Athletic vs Student Code of Conduct
05/18/23 What is the Free Expression Report? Free Expression
06/15/23 Removing a Student from a Class: Classroom Behavior, Grievances, and Due Process Removing a Student from Class
07/20/23 Emergency Response details--calling 911 from a campus phone.



If you have a topic you would like covered in a Melissa Talks call, please send the topic to