Consumer Information for Veterans and Active Duty

At Maricopa Community Colleges, we strive to support your educational goals and help you make the most of your GI BillĀ® and Tuition Assistance education benefits.

If you are interested in becoming a student, or are a current student, and need to enroll, you can access those sites below.

Veteran and active duty responsibilities

Processing Time
Normal processing time for the Veterans Administration is eight to ten weeks from the date you complete your pay request at the Veterans Services Office.

Short Term Classes
Classes less than the normal 16 weeks affect your monthly benefit rate. Consult your Veterans Services Office.

Tuition Deferments
Students may apply for a tuition deferment at the Veterans Services Office.

Every veteran is responsible to notify the Veterans Services Office of any change in your schedule or amount of credit hours that you are enrolled.

Concurrent Enrollment
You are concurrently enrolled when you are attending more than one college.

Parent College
The college from which you intend to graduate.

Supplemental College
A college where you are taking courses, but do not intend to get your degree.

Your Responsibility
Notify each college Veterans Services Office, and let them know if they are the parent or supplemental school.

Report card with grades

Planning tool to evaluate different options when selecting a college.

Digital compass pointing north

Provides college-specific information to include tuition and fees, graduation rates, etc.

Notepad on a black desk with a pencil to the right

Provides information about the costs and financial aid associated with attending college.

Close up young woman with calculator counting making notes

Allows you to review and compare financial info and review financial aid award info.



In addition to the resources listed above, there are many benefits available to active duty and veterans students.


Policies / Disclosures

Maricopa Community Colleges provides detailed policy and disclosure information for veterans and active duty students in the Student section of its Administrative Regulations.



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Tuition Cost Chart

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