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Data and Reports

Budget Reports and Metrics

Maricopa Community Colleges is committed to responsibly meeting the lifelong educational needs of our diverse students and community. We also strive to be responsible stewards of the financial resources entrusted to us. We work tirelessly to maximize use of those resources in ways that create meaningful student learning opportunities and long-term benefits for our community. Key metrics have been developed that showcase the results of those investments and Maricopa Community Colleges' collaborative efforts. Ultimately, Maricopa Community Colleges' success is measured by the success of our students and the demonstrable benefits they provide society.


Institutional Effectiveness Reports

Maricopa Community Colleges strives for excellence and quality results for our students and our community. To assess these results, we have developed Institutional Effectiveness reporting--key metrics that illustrates our effectiveness, growth, and areas for improvement.  This reporting analyzes everything from the success of courses, university transfers, occupational certifications awarded, and community enrollment in non-credit classes. We also evaluate the economic impact of our colleges for the best return on investment for key stakeholders: students, community, and taxpayers.



Institutional Effectiveness Data

The future of Maricopa Community Colleges depends on accurate reporting. We can only continue to improve our educational services and meet the needs of our community if we mindfully assess our current performance status. We compile data yearly on students, programs, and courses across all 10 of our colleges to highlight key trends so we can be ahead of the curve in Arizona and nationally. Effective institutional data paves the way for student success and quality higher education.