Enhanced Security for Employees on MCCCD HCM System

Attention all employees

The employee login process for HCM has been enhanced with additional security requirements to better protect our customers' data.  As part of this process, all employees will be required to use our new multi factor authentication (MFA) through the DUO Mobile app every time you log in to any of our ERP systems. This process does not apply to student accounts.


The security-enhanced login process for all employees is as follows:

  1.  At the ERP login screen please enter your MEID and password as normal, then click on the "Sign in" button.
  2. Upon clicking on the "Sign in" button, you will be presented with a notification on your mobile device with DUO Mobile installed.
    If you do not see the notification, open the DUO Mobile application on your device and try again from step 1.
  3. Click on the notification on your mobile device and select "Approve" in the mobile app.
    DUO Screenshot (short)
  4. Once you click approve, the ERP login process will automatically proceed and you will be logged into the system.
    There may be a slight delay in this final step of up to 15 seconds.

Proceed to log in to HCM

Download the DUO Mobile app (free)