Get More Done from Anywhere

The ability to successfully collaborate with others and to work remote, from home or from anywhere is on the increase. If you are being asked to work remotely or do online instruction for your students at your college, we have new collaboration tools and services to keep students, faculty, and staff connected on any device, enabling the Maricopa community to keep working and be productive from anywhere.


I am a student and want to collaborate with fellow students or my instructor…


I am a faculty member and want to collaborate with my students…


I am an employee and want to collaborate with colleagues in the office or from anywhere…

Accessing Your Work from Anywhere​

Many of Maricopa’s key applications and services are accessible online anywhere from your Maricopa-issued device (desktop, laptop, tablet) or from your personally-owned device (desktop, laptop, smart device). A valid Maricopa-issued MEID and password are required to access these resources.

Links to several popular applications are listed below. If a particular application and/or service is not listed, chances are it is specific to your location and/or college. If that is the case, please visit the web page for your location and/or college.

Note: While the majority of applications and services are available simply by using your MEID and password, you may need to start a VPN session to access certain restricted applications and services when working remotely.​​ To learn more about VPN, please visit the Anywhere Computing Frequently Asked Questions page.

Collaborating with Others

Maricopa Community Colleges utilizes several online resources to help students and employees connect and collaborate with each other. Several of the recommended tools and services are listed below.


Google Mail
for email correspondence


Google Calendar
for scheduling meetings and tasks


Google Team Drive
for sharing


Google Hangouts
for instant messaging


Google Meet
for video conferencing and virtual meetings


Cisco Jabber Softphone
for unified communications and collaboration

Online Resources at the Colleges

Many applications and services on the Anywhere Computing page are available across Maricopa. However, there are many applications and services that are unique to each college. Visit these web pages to learn more about online resources and services available at your college.​



Information Security and Privacy Awareness

Regardless of where you may be working, information security and privacy are important.

When using a Maricopa-owned or your own personal device to perform work-related functions including access, creation and use of company data, you must be aware of and comply with Maricopa’s IT directive pertaining to the Information Classification and Handling of data and applications you use. If you have questions, please contact the Information Technologies Services Information Security team.​

Getting Help When You Need It

If you have questions, please visit our Anywhere Computing Frequently Asked Questions​ page​.  This page contains answers to several popular questions. However, it may not contain answers to questions that are more specific to your college or location.

If you need IT support at your location for telecommuting and remote work or have more questions, please visit the Maricopa Help Center to (a) submit a help desk request for your location (District Office and college-specific help desk information listed on the site); and/or (b) to obtain contact details for the IT help desk at your college or location for assistance.​