Melissa Talks

Melissa Talks is a 30-minute informative phone call held at 10:00 a.m., every third Friday of the month. On this call, Melissa will provide information on various topics. Within 24 business hours after the phone call, a handout covering the material will be posted here on the webpage.

Dial (480) 784-0567 to join Melissa Talks on the dates noted below.

The upcoming schedule for Melissa Talks is as follows:

Date Topic Handout(s)
10/18/19   Petition Signature Solicitation, Voter Registration Programs, and Free Expression Events PetSigSol
11/15/19 Immigrant and non-immigrant visas/Eligibility to study and in-state tuition ImmigrationIssues
12/20/19 SAP GPA and Academic GPA Discrepancy and Solution SAP-GPA
01/17/20 Advanced FERPA: emails and educational records AdvancedFERPA
02/21/20 A new era in Title IX Compliance: Process, Fairness, and new regulations take center stage TitleIX
03/20/20 Canceled due to COVID-19  
04/17/20 Canceled due to COVID-19  
05/14/20 New Title IX Regulations Released: An Overview T9 Takeaways
06/18/20 Cancel Culture and Complaints about Racist and Otherwise Inappropriate Social Media Posts Cancel Culture
07/16/20 Canceled  
08/21/20 Religious Accommodations Religious Accommodations 
09/18/20 Last Date of Attendance: Compliance LDA Compliance
10/16/20 What is a Campus Security Authority under the Clery Act/MCCCD policy and what does it mean to be one?  
11/20/20 Clery and Title IX Intersections  
12/18/20 Risks and Liabilities for Student Organizations  

If you have a topic you would like covered in a Melissa Talks call, please send the topic to