Protocol for Addressing the Board During Board Meetings

The Board sets aside a portion of each agenda to hear from citizens on items of general concern. In compliance with the Open Meeting Law, the Board does not discuss nor take action on general issues that are raised during this portion of the meeting agenda. When necessary, these will be taken under advisement and placed on a subsequent agenda.

The Board President may also recognize a member of the audience to be questioned or to speak on a specific item that has been scheduled to appear on the agenda.


When addressing the Board either during Citizen’s Interim or as part of scheduled presentation, each speaker shall open by first acknowledging the Board in the following manner:

  • President [last name of Board President], Members of the Board, Dr. [last name of the Chancellor], Members of the CEC and guests, my name is:
    • Identify him or herself
      State his or her relevant title
      Identify the group or organization (if any) that is being represented
    • Present remarks within five minutes or as established by the Board President or Board Office [formal presentations]


When responding to questions that are presented by Board Members, each speaker shall respond in the following manner:

  • President [last name of Board President], Board Member [last name of the Board Member who asked the question] …
    • Respond to the Question
    • This sequence is followed with each Question presented.