Public Records Requests

Public Records Request

If you are looking to make a commercial public records request of any kind, please reference Public Records for the appropriate printable form.  If you have questions about the public records release process, please feel free to contact the Office of Public Stewardship - or phone 480-731-8882.

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Non-Commercial Purposes

The only charge for records for non-commercial purposes is the cost of reproduction. The MCCCD does not charge for the cost of searching for the record nor the retrieval from off-site storage. The creation of records such as lists or special reports that do not readily exist in the form of a record are subject to an appropriate fee assessment.

Reproduction costs include:

  1. cost of paper and other media,
  2. cost of the machinery to do the reproduction, and
  3. cost of employee to do the reproduction.

Standard fees are Paper Copy - $0.25/per page, Digital Copy - $0.25/per page, Fax Transmittals - $1.00/per page, USB Flash Drive - $15.00 (If records are not readily maintained in an electronic format, then both a per page and USB charge shall apply). Postage fees may apply.

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