1.0 Vision, Mission, and Institutional Values

Our Vision: Excellence in education for a better world. 

Our Mission: The Maricopa Community Colleges ignite talent, transform lives, and enrich communities through teaching, learning and service. 

Our Institutional Values:  Maricopa's core values are established through our commitment to shared governance principles and our focus on students and the communities we serve. 

  • Student Centric: Students are the essence of our work; we partner with students as leaders and decision makers in their own learning.
  • Integrity: We foster a culture of honesty, trust and transparency. 
  • Collaboration: We work together using system thinking in pursuit of our vision and mission. 
  • Inclusiveness: We value all contributions and diverse perspectives. 
  • Innovation: We advance a culture that stimulates big ideas, creativity, and exploration. 
  • Respect: we treat each other with dignity, civility, and kindness.


AMENDED May 23, 2023
AMENDED October 22, 2013, Motion No. 10112
AMENDED February 22, 2011, Motion No. 9781, 9782