4.13 Student Board Member

In addition to the seven elected Board members, there will be one student Board member.  The student Board member will be chosen by voting members of the Maricopa Student Senate (MSS), a districtwide student representative council overseen by the District Office of Student Affairs. Members of the Maricopa Student Senate will establish a process for application, review and selection of the new student Board member. The term of the student Board member will be one year commencing on July 1.

The student Board member shall be enrolled in and maintain a minimum of twelve semester credits in the District and have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 at the time of nomination and throughout the term of service.

The student Board member will be seated with the elected Board members at all public meetings of the Board and will be recognized at those meetings as a full member of the Board for the purpose of asking questions, discussing issues, offering reports, and suggesting agenda items. The student Board member will be entitled to an advisory vote although the vote shall not be included in determining the vote required to carry any measure before the Board or for calling for a special meeting.  If the student Board member wishes to cast an advisory vote, it shall be taken prior to the Board’s vote.  Furthermore, the student Board member will receive all material presented to the elected Board members, except material that relates to matters considered in executive session. The student Board member does not attend executive session.  The student Board member’s attendance does not count for purposes of determining whether a quorum exists.

In recognition of the time required to prepare for and attend meetings, the student Board member shall receive a scholarship equivalent to six credit hours of tuition per semester. The student Board member shall be reimbursed at the same rates as district employees for mileage incurred for authorized travel or for necessary expenses incurred while on district business at conferences or professional meetings. Authorized travel includes mileage, reimbursement for attending meetings or events at the District Office or at the colleges and meetings and events directly related to the student Board member's role and responsibilities at non-district locations. Mileage reimbursement and travel reimbursement will be approved by the Board President. 

AMENDED June 13, 2023
AMENDED August 27, 2019, Motion No. 10624
APPROVED April 23, 2019, Motion No. 10610