Petition Signature Solicitation Protocols

Petition Signature Solicitation Protocols

S-14 Procedure for Petition Signature Solicitation and 2.4.8 Petition Signature Solicitation

This regulation and procedure governs access to college premises by representatives who wish to solicit signatures on petitions for the purpose of submission of a ballot proposition to voters, or nomination of a candidate for elective office, in a city-, county-, or state-wide elections, or any other reason for which signatures are being solicited. The links below will direct you to each college’s specific procedures for solicitation of signatures.

Each college president is authorized to designate general hours of accessibility for solicitation and a location on college premises where all representatives may solicit signatures. The location shall be in a common area where the solicitation will not serve as an obstruction to student activities or otherwise disrupt the college environment.

College personnel are directed to enforce the requirements outlined within these documents.

Mike Greene - Office of Student Life & Resource Management
Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Herschel Jackson - Student Services Manager
Estrella Mountain Community College
(623) 935-8910
Jessie Palacio - Manager of Student Life & Leadership
GateWay Community College
(602) 286-8141
Catherine Crawford - Facilities Management
Glendale Community College
(623) 845-3522
Beth Ann Wright - Student Life Manager
Mesa Community College
(480) 461-7277
Mike Ho - Manager of Student Life & Leadership
Paradise Valley Community College
(602) 787-7308
Diana Martinez - Acting Manager of Student Life & Leadership
Phoenix College
(602) 285-7821
Office of Student Life & Leadership
Rio Salado College
Therese Tendick - Director for Civic & Global Engagement,
Scottsdale Community College
(480) 423-6722
Buddy Cheeks - Manager of Student Life & Leadership
South Mountain Community College
(602) 243-8069