Public Records

Public Records

If you have questions about the public records release process, please contact: Office of Public Stewardship phone 480-731-8882. Public records requests are processed in the order received and as promptly as possible.

What are Public Records?

Pursuant to ARS §41-151, " 'records' means all books, papers, maps, photographs or other documentary materials, regardless of physical form or characteristics, including prints or copies of such items produced or reproduced on film or electronic media pursuant to section 41-151.16, made or received by any governmental agency in pursuance of law or in connection with the transaction of public business and preserved or appropriate for preservation by the agency or its legitimate successor as evidence of the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations or other activities of the government . . . " 

Public records shall be open to inspection by any person at all times during office hours (ARS §39-121). All public bodies shall maintain all records . . . reasonably necessary or appropriate to maintain an accurate knowledge of their official activities and of any of their activities which are supported by monies from the state or any political subdivision of the state (ARS §39-121.01(B)).

Public Records Request

Requestors have a right to a record:

  1. that is already maintained, and
  2. in the format in which it is kept.

Arizona's Public Record Law does not require MCCCD to:

  1. obtain a new record, OR
  2. create new report formats, OR
  3. convert a record to a different medium or format

All information is considered public record, with three broad exceptions:

  1. Confidentiality - Disclosure is not required where prohibited by statute, court rule or court order (e.g., social security numbers, court orders, etc.)
  2. Personal privacy - Some records or information need not be disclosed due to an individual's privacy rights (e.g., home address, telephone numbers, racial background, age).
  3. "Best interest" - Disclosure may not be required if release of the record is not in the best interest of the state (e.g., release would inhibit public safety efforts or place the MCCCD at a competitive disadvantage).

Non-Commercial Purposes

The only charge for records for non-commercial purposes is the cost of reproduction. The MCCCD does not charge for the cost of searching for the record nor the retrieval from off-site storage.  The creation of records such as lists or special reports that do not readily exist in the form of a record are subject to an appropriate fee assessment.

Reproduction costs include:

  1. cost of paper and other media,
  2. cost of the machinery to do the reproduction, and
  3. cost of employee to do the reproduction.

Standard fees are Paper Copy - $0.25/per page, Digital Copy - $0.25/per page, Fax Transmittals - $1.00/per page, USB Flash Drive - $15.00 (If records are not readily maintained in an electronic format, then both a per page and USB charge shall apply). Postage fees may apply.

Commercial Purposes

The MCCCD is not obligated to perform custom programming or extraction, but may choose to do so.

The MCCCD must collect information about the request because control is lost over that information once it is released.

Requests for Records for Commercial purposes have three costing options (one or more may apply):

  1. A portion of the cost to the public body for obtaining the original or copies of the documents, printouts or photographs.
  2. A reasonable fee for the cost of time, materials, equipment and personnel [used] in producing such reproduction.
  3. The value of the reproduction on the commercial market as best determined by the public body.

All applicant/student information will be handled in accordance with requirements of appropriate rules, regulations, and legislations (e.g. the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, also known as the Buckley Amendment; the Solomon Amendment of 1997, Arizona Open Records Act; etc.).

The affected college will charge the requestor a fee for the information. The fee will include the portion of the cost to the state for obtaining the original [ARS 39-121.03]. The MCCCD assesses fees as allowed by law: $200 per thousand names for commercial purposes, $100 per thousand names for noncommercial purposes, and $75 per hour for programming time all to be paid upon receipt of information.

Payment must be received before copies or faxes will be released.

Request MCCCD Records

The Public Records Request Form should be completed by a requestor before the record is released, unless the requestor has already provided all the information in writing. Email requests are acceptable.

If you do not know who the custodian is, submit form to the Office of Public Stewardship at the District Office.

Public records requests are processed in the order received and as promptly as possible. 

Public Records Requests (Not Student Records)

Custodian of Record or Office of Public Stewardship
Public Records Request Form (commercial)

Public Records Request Online Form (NOT commercial)
Addresses noted below

Student Records Request (Including Directory Information)

Admissions and Records / Enrollment Services Office of the College of Attendance
Application for Purchaser of MCCCD Student Information

Office of Public Stewardship
Grade Distribution Reports for any Maricopa Community College
Addresses noted below

Subpoena or Other Legal Actions

Office of General Counsel at the District Office for Review First;

Service of Process 

Employee Records

  • FT/Permanent Employees--District HR
  • Temporary Employees--College HR

Student Records

  • Admissions and Records / Enrollment Services Office at College of Attendance


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