Photo of Maricopa students sitting at a table working on laptops and talking

Office of Public Stewardship

Welcome to the Office of Public Stewardship 

The Maricopa County Community Colleges District (MCCCD) Office of Public Stewardship (OPS) was established in order to consolidate resources and formalize administrative responsibility for services that are related to stakeholder accountability. The Office of Public Stewardship is responsible for the Maricopa EthicsPoint, Citizens’ Ombuds Services, Employee Ombuds Services, Public Records Disclosures, and Maricopa Governance. In addition, the OPS is responsible for establishing procedures for the administration of the MCCCD Tuition Waiver Program and monitoring the use of waivers by employees, dependents of employees, and non-employees authorized by state statute to attend our colleges on a waiver.

The Office is committed to demonstrating key policy values such as honesty, integrity, responsibility, and stewardship by assisting both internal and external constituents in identifying and utilizing the proper mechanisms to obtain information and resolve concerns.

Individuals who have concerns or questions about the operations or services of our colleges may contact the Office of Public Stewardship for general information or to voice a concern.The services of the MCCCD Ombudsperson are the responsibility of the Office of Public Stewardship where students, citizens, and employees may seek informal, neutral, and confidential guidance on concerns. Employment-related decisions that are subject to established employee grievance processes should still be vetted through those mechanisms.