3.3 Delegation to the Chancellor

The Board will direct the Chancellor through written policies that prescribe the Strategic Priorities to be achieved, and describe acceptable organizational situations and actions, allowing the Chancellor to use any reasonable interpretation of these policies.

  1. Vision, Mission, Values and Strategies: policies direct the Chancellor to achieve certain results, for certain recipients, at a worth or priority. 
  2. Chancellor Responsibilities: policies define the boundaries of legality, prudence, and ethics within which the Chancellor is expected to operate. These policies describe those practices, methods, decisions, and circumstances that would be acceptable to the Board in producing the desired outcomes. 
  3. The Chancellor is authorized to establish all further administrative policies, make all decisions, take all actions, establish all practices, and develop all activities, as long as they are consistent with any reasonable interpretation of these policies and Chancellor Responsibilities.
  4. The Board may change its policies and Chancellor Responsibilities thereby shifting the boundary between Board and Chancellor domains. By so doing, the Board changes the latitude of choice given to the Chancellor. However, so long as any particular delegation is in place, the Board and its members will respect and support the Chancellor’s choices as long as they are consistent with Board policy, as reasonably interpreted. This does not prevent the Board from obtaining information, except for confidential/personal information relating to students and staff. AMENDED August 22, 2023 

AMENDED at the August 22, 2023 Board Meeting
TECHNICAL CHANGE, Approved June 28, 2022 Governing Board Meeting
AMENDED February 22, 2011, Motion No. 9781, 9782