3.4 Monitoring the Chancellor's Performance

The Board will systematically and rigorously monitor the Chancellor's job performance to determine the extent to which  the Vision, Mission, Values and Strategies are being achieved and whether operational activities fall within parameters established in Chancellor Responsibilities and Iterpretations policies.

  1. The purpose of monitoring is simply to determine the degree to which the Chancellor is fulfilling the Board's expectations as set forth in its governing policies. 

  2. A given policy may be monitored in one or more of three methods:
    1. Chancellor Report: The Chancellor conveys to the Board, in writing, policy interpretations as well as compliance information relevant to the policy under review. As appropriate in a given context, the Chancellor may present information to justify the "reasonableness" of his/her interpretation.
    2. External Report: Discovery of compliance information by a disinterested, external auditor, inspector, or judge who is selected by and reports directly to the Board. Such reports must assess executive performance only against policies of the Board (as reasonably interpreted by the Chancellor), not those of the external party unless the Board has previously indicated in Governing Board policy that party's opinion to be the standard for assessment.
    3. Direct Board Inspection: A designated Board Member, committee, or the Board as a whole assesses accomplishment of, or compliance with, a given policy, as reasonably interpreted by the Chancellor.

  3. In every case, the Board will judge whether a) the Chancellor's interpretation is reasonable and b) whether data demonstrate reasonable accomplishment of, or compliance with, the Chancellor's interpretation. Interpretations determined by the Board to be unreasonable, or data determined not to demonstrate reasonable accomplishment of or compliance with a Board policy, as reasonably interpreted, will be subject to a remedial process agreed to by the Board.

  4. All policies instructing the Chancellor will be monitored at a frequency and by a method chosen by the Board. The Board may choose to monitor any policy by any method at any time, but will ordinarily receive quarterly updates on Strategies at a regularly scheduled Governing Board meeting and annual report on Chancellor Responsibilities and Interpretations as part of the Chancellor evaluation process. 

  5. The Board will have a formal evaluation of the Chancellor in May - June of each year. The evaluation will be based primarily on a summary/review of the Board's judgment of the Chancellor's performance, per the criteria and process outlined above, during the previous twelve months.  In addition, the Board and Chancellor may jointly establish Chancellor annual goals. Further in consultation with the Chancellor, the Board may utilize an instrument that evaluates the Chancellor. The Board, in consultation with the Chancellor, may also solicit feedback from internal and external constituents. 


AMENDED June 27, 2023 Governing Board Meeting 
TECHNICAL CHANGE, Approved June 28, 2022 Governing Board Meeting
AMENDED April 25, 2017, Motion No. 10484 and Motion No. 10485
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