4.3 Board Job Description

The job of the Board is to represent the residents of Maricopa County in determining and demanding appropriate organizational performance. The Board will concentrate its efforts on the following job “products” or outputs to distinguish the Board’s own unique job from the jobs of its staff:

  1. The link between Maricopa County Community College District and the citizens of Maricopa County (the “ownership”).
    1. Needs Assessment: Board Members will assess the needs and trends affecting the ownership, as they relate to the District’s activities and scope of influence, and will maintain policies identifying and prioritizing intended organizational results to address those needs.
    2. Vision, Mission, Values and Strategies: The Board and its members will inform the residents of Maricopa County of the District’s accomplishments on their behalf and of its expected future results.
  2. Written governing policies that, at the broadest levels, articulate performance standards regarding:
    1. Vision, Mission, Values and Strategies: Results pertaining to organizational products, impacts, benefits, outcomes, recipients, and their relative worth (what good for which needs at what cost or priority).
    2. Chancellor Responsibilities: Parameters within which all activity and decisions under the Chancellor’s authority must take place.
    3. Board-Staff Relations: How management authority is delegated and its proper use monitored; the Chancellor role, authority, and accountability.
    4. Governance Process: Specification of how the Board conceives, carries out, and monitors its own task.
  3. The assurance of mission fulfillment and operational integrity, by holding the Chancellor accountable for successful achievement of vision, mission, values and strategies and adherence to Chancellor Responsibilities.
  4. Legislative Impact — The Board will identify and seek to affect legislative and/or public policy change as it deems necessary and/or appropriate on behalf of the residents of Maricopa County.
  5. Naming of District Facilities and Academic Entities — The Board has final authority on all such naming. Action will be based upon recommendations consistent with administrative regulations addressing criteria/guidelines, processes used for naming facilities and academic entities, including definitions, a nominations process, due diligence review, and a duration of rights.
  6. Awarding of Emeritus Status —The Board has the sole authority to award, upon recommendation of the Chancellor, emeritus distinction.

TECHNICAL CHANGE, Approved June 27, 2023 Governing Board Meeting 
TECHNICAL CHANGE, Approved June 28, 2022 Governing Board Meeting
AMENDED February 22, 2011, Motion No. 9781, 9782