4.7 Board Linkage With the Community

The Governing Board represents all Maricopa County residents in the governance of the district. As “owner-representative” the Board will devote time and energy to hearing from a spectrum of residents.

  1. Mechanisms will be designed, as the Board deems necessary and/or appropriate, to hear from a representative sample of all residents.
  2. Student commentary in their role as consumers of district services will be assured a respective hearing by the Chancellor and staff.
    1. As consumers, students deserve fair and timely response to their concerns or grievances.
  3. Student commentary in their role as “consumers” of the district will be given specific and serious consideration by the Board, particularly in the formulation of the Board’s policies.
  4. The Board’s annual cycle of reviewing and reconsidering policies will include a plan for garnering and incorporating resident input into that process.
  5. Residents’ input will be extensive and ongoing, not a sporadic or infrequent process.

TECHNICAL CHANGES, approved June 27, 2023 Governing Board Meeting
AMENDED February 22, 2011, Motion No. 9781, 9782