4.6 President's Role

As the District’s “chief governance officer,” the President’s job is to ensure the integrity of the Board and its process. Secondarily, the President is the official representative/spokesperson of the Board to outside parties. During the absence or disability of the President, the Board Secretary shall act as President.

  1. The President’s job is to see to it that the Board behaves consistently with its policies and any requirements legitimately imposed upon it from outside the organization.
    1. Meeting discussion content will include only those issues that, according to Board policy, clearly belong to the Board to decide, consider, or to monitor.
    2. Deliberation will be fair, open, thorough, timely, orderly, and kept to the point.
  2. The President is authorized to make decisions consistent with policies on Governance Process and Board-Staff Relations, with the exception of a) employment/termination of the Chancellor or b) instances where the Board specifically delegates portions of this authority to others. The President is authorized to use any reasonable interpretation of these policies.
    1. The President is empowered to preside over Board meetings with the commonly accepted power of that position (e.g., ruling, recognizing).
    2. The President is not authorized to make decisions within the Board’s policies and Chancellor Responsibilities. The President has no authority to supervise or direct the Chancellor’s work.
    3. The President may represent the Board to outside parties in announcing Board-stated positions and in stating decisions and interpretations within the area delegated to the President.
    4. The President may delegate this authority but remains accountable for its use.
    5. The President may request a written report (to serve as a public record) of Board Member travel and attendance at appropriate workshops and conferences that includes an accounting of what took place at these events.

TECHNICAL CHANGE, approved June 27, 2023 Governing Board Meeting
TECHNICAL CHANGE, Approved June 28, 2022 Governing Board Meeting
AMENDED February 22, 2011, Motion No. 9781, 9782