1.4 Surplus Property Disposal

The Chief Procurement Officer shall create procedures governing:

  1. The delegation of authority for the surplus property management function.
  2. The sale, lease or disposal of surplus materials by public auction, competitive sealed bidding, trade-in or other appropriate method designated by procedures. This includes transfer to eligible non-profit educational institutions.
  3. The purchase of any such material by an employee of the college or district.
  4. The acquisition and disposal of federal or state surplus materials.
  5. Any fees or charges for the acquisition, receipt, warehousing, rehabilitation, delivery, distribution or transfer of excess and surplus materials.
  6. Monitoring reports on the activities of the program, including lists of employees and relatives of employees purchasing surplus materials.


AMENDED through the Administrative Regulation approval process, January 7, 2002
AMENDED through the Administrative Regulation approval process, September 10, 1997
(Replaced the regulation entitled Surplus Property Disposal)
ADOPTED into Governance, September 24, 1996
AMENDED Motion No. 8894
AMENDED Motion No. 8895
AMENDED Motion No. 8896

Founding Source: 
Governing Board Minutes, May 20, 1980, Motion No. 4557
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Governing Board Minutes, April 23, 1996, Motion No. 8532