Common Pages

Common Pages

The Catalog Common Pages are MCCCD Administrative Regulations and Appendix items specifically relevant to students. (See Common Pages - Student Regulations Line-Up)

The Catalog Common Pages are reviewed and updated annually by the Common Pages Committee and coordinated by the District Office of Student Affairs and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs. The Catalog Common Pages are a compiled list of Board Policies, Administrative Regulations, and program information directed toward student services support areas at the colleges. For more information, please contact:

  1. Bettina Celis — Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
    (480) 731-8016 |
  2. Kishia Brock, Ph.D — Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
    (480) 731-8313 |

Common Pages Review Cycle

Common Pages Review

Based on a fiscal year calendar

  1. August - March Committee reviews suggested changes
  2. April 1 - 15 Open comment period, all MCCCD
  3. May Adoption by Chancellor for next fiscal year
  4. July 1 Publication of adopted Common Pages (subject to minor revisions as needed; see crosswalk below for detail)
  5. Note: Revised Tuition & Fees Schedule to Board for First Read in February, Action Item in March