Common Pages—Academic Year 2013-2014

Common Pages—Academic Year 2013-2014

2013-2014 (PDF)(Red Line PDF) *updated 6/10/14 **

Graduation With Honors (AR 2.3.9)
Common Pages amended to recapture language not meant to be deleted (9/20/2013).

Academic Misconduct (AR 2.3.11)
Change made to identify language that balances a student's due process rights with the rights of faculty to manage the classroom when matters related to academic misconduct arise (Amended through direct approval from the Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost, August 7, 2013).

Student Records (AR 2.5.3)
Change made for compliance with FERPA Legislation (March 2013).

Instructional Grievance Process (AR 2.3.5)
Revised to add language that instructional grievances are resolved at college level and establishing an explicit deadline for grade appeals (March 2013).

Copyright Regulation (AR 3.2)
Clarifies that criminal penalties for infringement may apply (March 2013).

Student Assessment & Course Placement (AR 2.2.7)
Language consistent with mandatory testing and placement (March 2013).

Admissions Policy (AR 2.2.1)
Updated due to changes in expenses for F-1 international students (March 2013) (Proposed Estimated Expenses for F-1 Students for 2013-2014 Updated July 11, 2013).

Vaccinations (AR 2.2.12)
Certain programs require particular vaccinations for participants (March 2013).

Grading and Withdrawal Deadline (AR 2.3.3)
Removal of language related to weekend/Holiday deadlines (March 2013).

Registration (AR 2.2.8 Success from Day One)
Eliminates the ability for students to register for a class after it has begun (March 2013).

Non-Instructional Grievance Process (Appendix S-8)
Change made to job titles (Vice President versus Deans) (March 2013)

Tuition and Fees (AR 2.2.9)
Clarifies admission that parties enrolled in courses through third party agreements are held to same admission standards as other students (March 2013, Tuition and Fees Schedule Updated 5/30/13, 8/15/2013).

Abuse Free Environment (AR 2.4.7)
Amended to be in compliance with Higher Education Act (March 2013).

Academic Advising (AR 2.2.6)
Mandatory academic advising and new student orientation (March 2013).

Criteria for Determining Residency (AR 2.2.2)
Language added to address work permits & in-state residency (March 2013).

Students with Disabilities (AR 2.8)
Any employee that receives a request for academic adjustments must refer the student to the Disability Resource Center Office (Amended through direct approval from the Chancellor, April 1, 2013).

CLEP, AP, and IB Tables (updated March 2013)