2.10 Parking and Traffic Regulations

Traffic Control

The College Safety Department at each district/college facility shall be responsible for the safe and orderly movement of traffic, including pedestrian, bicycle and motorized and non-motorized vehicular.

  1. Introduction
    ​The operation and parking of a motorized or non-motorized vehicle on campus is a privilege granted by the District Governing Board and is revocable at any time. The Maricopa County Community College District assumes no responsibility for damage to any vehicle and/or for any loss to any vehicle while it is being operated or parked on college property.
    1. College Regulatory: The State of Arizona provides the Governing Board, the authority to adopt rules and regulations for the control of motorized or non-motorized vehicles on college property.
    2. Authority of Enforcement: The enforcement of all rules and regulations governing the operation of motorized or non-motorized vehicles shall be carried out by the College Safety Department under the direction of the Director of College Safety.
    3. On special occasions and in emergencies, parking limitations and restrictions may be imposed or removed as required. The College Safety Department reserves the right to impose any changes as warranted by a particular situation.
    4. Lack of familiarity with these rules and regulations does not constitute a defense for failure to comply. It is the responsibility of the operator and/or that person responsible for the vehicle to operate the vehicle safely in full compliance with these regulations. For college locations that require a parking permit, it shall be presumed that a permit holder has a complete understanding of these regulations.                                                                       
  2. Vehicle Registration
    A college employee or student who operates or parks a motorized vehicle on college property may be required to register the vehicle and secure and display on the vehicle a current college parking permit for a designated parking area. A college president may choose to issue parking permits to only certain classifications of drivers utilizing the campus.

    An out-of-state/out-of-county student or college employee who operates or parks a motor vehicle on college property must sign an affidavit at the time of registration specifying that the vehicle complies with ARS 49-542 relating to vehicle emission testing. Vehicles that do not comply with ARS 49-542 will not be granted a permit.

    The college may issue color-coded parking permits on the basis of classifications of the registrant. The color of the parking permit indicates the area in which the vehicle may be parked. The permit does not ensure the availability of a parking space, but grants the privilege of parking in a specified area when space is available. A college president may choose not to designate separate parking for employees and students. Students attending a college with unrestricted parking shall be so notified upon receipt of the parking permit.

    The college reserves the right to deny the issuance of a vehicle parking permit to any person who owes money to the college/district until the indebtedness is paid in full. Such person shall be denied the privilege of operating and parking his motor vehicle on college property. The action, however, does not relieve any person of any sanctions contained in this publication.

  3. Parking Regulations

    1. Parking may be restricted to vehicles displaying the appropriate permit, seven (7) days a week, twenty-four (24) hours per day.
    2. An area posted with short-term parking limits from ten to forty-five minutes may be used for the purpose of conducting short-term business in the facility it primarily services.
    3. Parking a vehicle in a designated parking space that displays a disabled parking sign, a painted disabled insignia or both, without a current disabled parking permit issued by the State of Arizona is prohibited. These areas are reserved twenty-four (24) hours daily.
    4. Red curbs are no-parking zones. Parking in Red zones, entrances to buildings, driveways, in front of garbage dumpsters, barricades, fire lanes and fire hydrants is prohibited.
    5. Driving into and parking in any area not designated for use or closed by the use of barricades, chains, or other vehicle control devices is prohibited.
    6. Parking a vehicle on or blocking pedestrian paths, sidewalks, crosswalks, striped safety zones, and on bicycle paths is prohibited.
    7. Parking a vehicle in such a manner as to impede or obstruct properly parked/moving vehicles is prohibited.
    8. Parking a bicycle or motorized cycle in areas other than those designated for such parking is prohibited.
    9. Where parking stall lines are marked, operators must park their vehicles within the stall lines. Parking outside such stall lines is prohibited. In diagonal spaces, vehicles must be parked facing the center line. No pulling through or backing into spaces is permitted.
    10. Temporary absence of a sign at the entrance of a parking area does not signal the removal of restrictions or reservations upon the area. If reservation hours are altered or restrictions are changed, notices will be posted and the change will be effective immediately.                                             
  4. Permits
    1. Multiple Vehicles: Employees or students who use more than one vehicle must obtain a permit for each vehicle, if permits are issued for the college/location that they are attending.
    2. Service Vehicles: College service vehicles are defined as those owned or recognized by the college and properly designated.
      1. Service vehicles are restricted to those parking stalls designated by signs. In an extenuating service situation or unavailability of a service parking area, service vehicles may park in any non-reserved parking stall or outside such space as not to obstruct pedestrian walkways or vehicular movement or cause unnecessary damage or destruction of college property (sidewalks, vegetation, etc.). Vendors that park in areas not designated for general parking are responsible for contacting college safety for prior written or verbal approval.
      2. It is prohibited for any college service vehicle to park in or block any disabled access or parking space at any time unless it is on a bona-fide emergency basis.                                                                                                                                                                                   
  5. Visitors
    Visitors must park their vehicles in a designated visitor parking area if such parking area is available. Vehicles that bear a valid college permit may not park in visitor parking areas. Employees attending other colleges or the district office for business purposes are not considered to be visitors.

    Visitors parking in authorized areas or in an unauthorized manner will be warned or cited regarding their violation. Continued violation may result in the vehicle being towed and impounded and a fee charged for the cost of impoundment and storage.

  6. Permit Display
    ​College parking permits, if issued, must be affixed to vehicles in the following manner:
    1. Regular Permits:
      1. On autos/trucks, all permanently affixed permits shall be placed on either the lower left front windshield (driver's side) or lower left back windshield (driver's side). On motorized cycles, the permit shall be affixed where it can be seen without difficulty on the front fender.
    2. Temporary Permits:
      1. Temporary permits shall be placed on the dashboard so they may be easily viewed from the outside.                                                                 
  7. Removal/Replacement/Exchange Permits
    1. A parking permit, if issued, must be replaced if the original becomes mutilated or obliterated.
    2. A parking permit is not transferable to another vehicle or another person.
    3. Parking permits must be removed from a motor vehicle under the following conditions:
      1. Change of ownership.
      2. Termination of association of the owner and college.
      3. Termination of the period for which permit is issued.
      4. Receipt of a parking permit superseding a prior one.
      5. Change of vehicle requiring a permit replacement.                                                                                                                                               
  8. Traffic Regulations
    1. Except for college service vehicles, driving motor vehicles, motorized cycles, and bicycles on pedestrian paths and sidewalks is prohibited.
    2. The maximum speed limit in all college parking lots is 15 mph.
    3. All accidents involving vehicles that occur on college property must be reported to the College Safety Department office.
    4. All state laws governing the movement and operation of motor vehicles are adopted by the Governing Board for control of vehicles on college property.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  9. Bicycle Regulations
    1. Bicycle parking is restricted to the racks provided.
    2. A bicycle parked on a sidewalk or at an entrance to or in a building, or secured to a tree, light pole, sign post, or any other unauthorized area shall be subject to impoundment.
    3. Bicycles must comply with Arizona traffic laws and campus traffic regulations. Every bicycle used from dusk to dawn must be equipped with a white headlight and a rear reflector (ARS §28-817).​The college maintains the right to cut locks, chains, and/or cables for the purpose of impounding any bicycle parked or stored in violation of these regulations at the owner's expense.                                                                                              
  10. Other Non-Pedestrian Device Regulations
    Each college reserves the right to limit or prohibit the use of skateboards, skates, rollerblades, horses or other transportation devices.                                                           
  11. Sanctions
    Parking Fines (Parking fines are adopted as part of the Tuition and Fee Schedule and are incorporated here by reference. Fee amounts are subject to change upon adoption of the schedule for the new fiscal year.)                                                                                                                                                                                
    Displaying an altered or substituted permit. $50.00
    Falsifying information on registration application. $50.00
    Parking in Fire Lane. $50.00
    Violating disabled parking stall or access. $50.00
    Failure to register a vehicle and display a parking permit. $30.00
    Parking in an unauthorized parking area $25.00
    Removing barricade or failure to obey vehicle control device $25.00
    Obstructing a properly parked/moving vehicle $15.00
    Parking beyond posted time limit $15.00
    Parking by a college employee or student in a visitor area $15.00
    Parking on or blocking a pedestrian path $15.00
    Parking outside stall lines. $15.00
    Pulling through or backing into an angled parking space $15.00
    Expired parking permit $15.00
    Improper display of permit (i.e., not affixed to window) $15.00
    All fines are doubled if not paid within 15 working days.


    1. Additional Sanctions: Employees and students violating traffic regulations are also subject to institutional discipline, vehicle towing and impoundment, withdrawal or suspension of parking privileges, encumbrances of records, or both, and oral or written reprimand. All fines are doubled if not paid within fifteen (15) working days
    2. Habitual or Aggravated Violations: Habitual or flagrant disregard of vehicle control regulations by students is grounds for suspension or expulsion from the institution. Habitual or flagrant continued disregard of parking regulations by a college employee may affect the individual's salary and continuation of employment (ARS §15-1449C). If a person fails to respond to a notice of violation of a parking and traffic regulation, a report may be sent to the appropriate Dean or Director for action. A report may also be sent to the Arizona department of revenue debt setoff program and the student or employee's Arizona tax refund may be garnished.                                                                                                                                                         
  12. Procedures for Hearings and Appeals
    ​When a notice of violation of the parking and traffic regulations is issued, the recipient shall either pay the penalty directly to the cashier's office, or file a written appeal with the college safety department.
    1. Payment: All monetary penalties shall be paid to the cashier in the college business office. Payment may be made by mail or in person. Mailing instructions and penalties are listed on the citation. No violation will be considered cleared until the correct amount has been paid. If a violator loses the copy of the citation, information concerning the citation must be obtained from the College Safety Department office.
    2. Unpaid Citations: A citation unpaid after fifteen (15) working days following the day the notice was issued shall be considered delinquent and doubled, unless a written appeal has been made to the college safety department office within this time period.

      The Maricopa County Community College District utilizes a registration hold system to enforce academic and fiscal responsibilities. A hold prevents a student with unpaid citations from registering for classes and from receiving copies of transcripts and records. This hold is released only upon payment of delinquent citations at the college business office. Delinquent citations held by a college employee may affect salary and continued employment (ARS §15-1449C). If a person fails to respond to a notice of violation of a parking and traffic regulation, a report may be sent to the appropriate Dean or Director for action.

      All citations issued to a vehicle will be charged against the student, employee, or the registered owner of the vehicle.

    3. Appeal: A person who receives a college parking or traffic violation notice may appeal the citation in the following manner:

      A party wishing to appeal a citation must do so within 15 working days from the date of the citation, or the citation fine will be doubled and all rights of appeal will be lost.

      Step 1: if the party wishes to appeal, the citation or a copy of the citation must be attached to the completed written appeal form. The parking and traffic appeals officer will review all appeals. Appeal forms are available at the college safety department. If the citation is appealed and the citation is upheld, payment must be received within twenty one (21) working days of the appeals letter notification date or doubling of the citation amount will occur.

      Step 2: if the party receives an unfavorable decision from the parking and traffic appeals officer and wishes to appeal further to the college appeals board, the written appeal, the appeals officer's decision, a paid receipt equal to the amount of the penalty, and all enclosures must be returned to the college safety department

      Step 3: appeals board. The above enclosures will be held for the next appeals board. The appeals board is composed of representatives of faculty, staff and students. The parking and traffic appeals officer will schedule a hearing with notice to the party to appear and be heard if he/she so chooses. At the hearing, the board may either approve, reverse or modify the decision of the parking and traffic appeals officer. If the party fails to appear for the hearing, the original decision will stand. A refund of the payment in accordance with the decision will be processed for the party by the college business office

    4. Judicial Review: Any person who has received an unfavorable administrative ruling from the appeals board has the right to have the ruling reviewed by the Maricopa County Superior Court in accordance with the provisions of Title 12, Chapter 7, Article 6 of the Arizona Revised Statutes.

      The Maricopa County Community College District reserves the right to amend the regulations at any time to promote and ensure fair and safe usage of the property and facilities under the control and jurisdiction of the college.

      Notices of change (s) will be published in the local campus media and effective immediately.

AMENDED September 23, 2008, Motion No. 9510
ADOPTED by the MCCCD Governing Board, March 23, 2004