2.7 Sign Language Interpreter

  1. The coordinator of disability services at each college will designate a qualified individual to serve as interpreter coordinator.
  2. Any student who is deaf or hard of hearing may request an accommodation by contacting the designated disability services offices at his/her college.

    The interpreter coordinator and student will engage in an interactive process to determine a reasonable accommodation. Within a reasonable time following a request for services, the interpreter coordinator will obtain interpreting services through proper procurement procedures or will obtain an alternate accommodation that allows the student to participate in classes (i.e., real time captioning, c-print, or note taking).

  3. When the college has provided interpreting services or another reasonable accommodation and a student cannot attend a class, he/she must attempt in good faith to notify the interpreter coordinator at least twenty-four hours prior to the class. If a student misses three consecutive classes without notifying the interpreter coordinator, the college will cancel his/her services. Upon notifying the interpreter coordinator of the reason for the failure to notify and that he/she desires to return to class, the college will make a good faith effort to reinstate the student's services within a reasonable period of time.
  4. The interpreter coordinator will inform each interpreter of his/her duty to notify the coordinator at least twenty-four hours before missing an assigned class. This will allow the interpreter coordinator time to locate a substitute interpreter.
  5. At least once each semester the interpreter coordinator will ask each student to evaluate his/her assigned interpreter. At the beginning of each semester the interpreter coordinator will also provide each student with a complaint form to complete in the event the student is dissatisfied with the services provided.
  6. Once each year a certified interpreter will assess non-certified interpreters' skills in a classroom setting. The assessment will include each interpreter's ability to sign the vocabulary of the class subject matter.

ADOPTED through the Administrative Regulation approval process, April 14, 2003