4.14 Motor Vehicle Usage

  1. Each college president shall designate an official at his/her respective college who shall ensure that any employee at that college who is authorized to operate a college or district-owned motor vehicle or vehicle rented, borrowed or leased for college or district purposes:
    1. has completed a driver training program approved by the district Risk Manager; and
    2. has been the subject of an authorized motor vehicle record review conducted on behalf of the college.

    The Vice Chancellor for Human Resources shall designate an official at the district office to ensure that any employee at the district office who is authorized to operate a college or district-owned, -rented, or -borrowed motor vehicle has completed such training program and been the subject of a motor vehicle record review. The training and motor vehicle record review shall be completed for an employee before that employee is permitted to operate a motor vehicle. The District Risk Manager shall coordinate the training program and processes for motor vehicle record review required under this regulation.

  2. A college or District-owned, -rented or -borrowed motor vehicle may be operated only by an employee of the Maricopa County Community College District. A Maricopa Community Colleges student may operate such a motor vehicle only in the event of an emergency as determined at the time of the emergency by a responsible college or district employee.
  3. A college or district driver shall report to his/her supervisor and the manager responsible for authorizing the use of college vehicles within 48 hours any conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, moving traffic violations, license suspension, or license revocation that occurs regardless of whether or not the driver was operating a college or district-owned, rented or borrowed vehicle. The driver's supervisor shall immediately forward this information to the district Risk Manager. Failure to report information as required under this paragraph may result in disciplinary action and the loss of authority to operate a vehicle in the performance of employment responsibilities.
  4. The driver of a college or District-owned, -rented or -borrowed motor vehicle shall not use a cellular telephone or similar communication device while operating the vehicle.

Adopted through the Administrative Regulation approval process, August 7, 2003
Note: The training component of this regulation will be administered through a web-based program that will allow employees to complete training on-line. Implementation of this regulation is expected to begin October 1, 2003.