4.9 Commemorative and Dedication Plaques on Buildings

  1. Plaques commemorating the use of Federal Higher Education Facilities Funds, when appropriate, or the completion and dedication of new buildings may be placed either as a cornerstone or at the main entrance to the building.
  2. This will not hold true for any projects already in existence.
  3. The Director, Department of Facilities Planning and Development will establish and maintain procedures for the installation of building plaques. [A copy of the procedures may be obtained by calling the Department of Facilities Planning and Development at 480-731-8230.]

AMENDED through the Administrative Regulation Approval Process, November 30, 1999

ADOPTED into Governance, September 24, 1996
AMENDED Motion No. 8894
AMENDED Motion No. 8895
AMENDED Motion No. 8896

Founding Source:
Governing Board Minutes, February 12, 1973, Motion No. 2118