6.21 Workplace Violence Prevention


It is the policy of the Maricopa County Community College District to promote a safe environment for its employees, students, contractors, and visitors. MCCCD is committed to working with its employees to maintain an environment free from violence, threats of violence, harassment, intimidation, and other disruptive behavior.


Violence, threats, harassment, intimidation, and other disruptive behavior in our facilities is prohibited and will not be tolerated. It is the responsibility of all employees, students, contractors, and visitors of MCCCD to report any occurrence of such conduct to MCCCD Public Safety. Every employee, student, contractor, and visitor on MCCCD property should report threats or acts of physical violence and acts of harassment, intimidation, and other disruptive behavior of which he/she is aware. All reports will be taken seriously and will be investigated by public safety immediately in order to protect everyone from danger. Such behavior can include oral or written statements, gestures, or expressions that communicate a direct or indirect threat of physical harm.

Prohibited Behavior

For example, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing statement, this policy prohibits:

  • direct threats or physical intimidation
  • implications or suggestions of violence
  • stalking
  • assault of any form
  • physical restraint, confinement
  • dangerous or threatening horseplay
  • loud, disruptive, or angry behavior or language that is clearly not part of the typical work environment
  • blatant or intentional disregard for the safety or well-being of others
  • commission of a violent felony or misdemeanor on MCCCD property
  • abuse
  • violation of a protective order or restraining order
  • any other act that a reasonable person would perceive as constituting a threat of violence

This list is illustrative only and not exhaustive.

Future Violence

Employees, students, and visitors who have reason to believe they, or others, may be victimized by a violent act or sometime in the future, at the workplace or as a direct result of their relationship with MCCCD, shall inform a supervisor or manager as soon as possible.

The supervisor or manager shall inform the Public Safety Department. Students, contractors, and visitors shall contact the Public Safety Department as soon as possible. Employees who have signed and filed a restraining order, temporary or permanent, against an individual due to a potential act of violence, who would be in violation of the order by coming near them at work, shall immediately supply a copy to the Department Director, Human Resources, and Public Safety. Students shall supply a copy of the signed order to the Public Safety Department.

This policy applies to employees and students, as well as independent contractors and other non-employees doing business with the MCCCD. Individuals who commit such acts may be removed from the premises and may be subject to disciplinary action, criminal penalties, or both. The Chancellor is hereby instructed to enact all administrative regulations necessary to implement this policy.

AMENDED May 22, 2012, Motion No. 9943
AMENDED February 22, 2011, Motion No. 9781, 9782
ADOPTED March 26, 2002, Motion No. 9097