6.9 Executive Stewardship

As a multi-college district, the Governing Board recognizes the operational and administrative relationship between the Chancellor and the College Presidents. Consistent with Governing Board policies, including those for Public Stewardship and Ethics and Emergency Executive Succession, the Chancellor shall perform an annual review of the members of his executive council to include an examination of the College Presidents in the following areas:

  1. Progress toward the Governing Board Outcomes
  2. Progress toward College Goals including:
    1. Enrollment Management
    2. College Climate
    3. Diversity
  3. The Accomplishment of Personal Goals including:
    1. Executive Team Contributions
    2. Community and Professional Contributions
    3. Personal Improvement
  4. Demonstration of Public Stewardship and Ethics
  5. Progress toward Resource Development
  6. Accomplishments and Challenges

MONITORING Method and Frequency

Method (Items 1-6): Internal

Frequency (Minimum): Once a Year

AMENDED February 22, 2011, Motion No. 9781, 9782
ADOPTED May 27, 2008, Motion No. 9488