FM-8 Membership Payment Worksheet

Instructions for Completing the Membership Payment Worksheet

  1. The worksheet must be thoroughly completed and the required approvals obtained before the expense is incurred. Any membership paid by MCCCD funds, regardless of organization name, type, or former association, requires justification and approval via this worksheet. 
  2. Individual memberships are appropriate only:
    1. if the organization does not allow an institutional membership,
    2. where the organization requires that MCCCD hold an institutional membership, and participating MCCCD employees hold individual memberships; or
    3. where the appropriate fiscal officer determines that an individual membership is the most cost effective.

    For an individual membership, the employee must be full-time.

  3. The descriptions provided in Items 3 and 4 must be specific. Vague or overly subjective descriptions won't satisfy the documentation requirement.

    Examples of descriptions that are insufficient are:

    1. Membership will provide the college with visibility in the community.
    2. Membership will be prestigious.

    Examples of descriptions that may be sufficient are:

    1. The organization consists of a significant number of employers within the county - a key constituency in developing an appropriate workforce. Some employer-members are significantly involved in the college's workforce development program, such as ____.
    2. This organization is the leading association for registered nurses and plays a significant role in the certification requirements in various states. MCCCD gains significant insights about curriculum needs for the nursing program from participating in this organization.
  4. Likewise, the description on the Worksheet in Item 5 must be precise. It must identify specific activities or objectives of MCCCD that are satisfied. The benefit that MCCCD receives also needs to equate to or exceed the expense incurred. So, while the benefit doesn't have to be described in dollars, it must be identified specifically in terms that "paint" a clear picture that the values exchanged are about the same. Higher-dollar expenses require more specificity.

    An example of a description that fails meet those requirements is:

    1. The membership provides me with collegial opportunities.

    An example of a description that is sufficient is:

    1. Membership allows my students access to special collections not viewable by the public. During the preceding year, I escorted 24 students on three separate field studies that included access to the special collections, for a value in excess of the $300 membership.

Membership Payment Worksheet 

AMENDED through Direct Approval by the Chancellor, August 3, 2023