S-17 FERPA Appeal Process

In instances where the college decides not to amend an education record as requested by the student, the college will notify the student of the decision and advise him/her of the right to an appeal hearing according to the following process:


  • The student must have first presented the issue in writing to the college’s Admissions/Enrollment Office or designee identifying the records that he/she wishes to have amended and provided any supporting documentation.  Note: With the exception of clerical errors, requests that are expressly related to grade disputes are not subject to this process and must be vetted through the Instructional Grievance Process. 


  • If the request to change the record was deemed unsubstantiated by the college designee and the institution was able to demonstrate that the record was accurate, the student will be informed of the right to a formal appeal hearing.


  • Students must request a formal hearing within 10 business days from the date they are informed of the right to an appeal hearing.


  • The request for a formal hearing must be in writing and delivered to the [Dean of Admissions/Enrollment Services, Vice President of Student Affairs] or designee.


  • The college official who receives the formal hearing request will either review the case personally or designate a hearing committee if the issue involves a matter not clearly established by current policy or administrative regulation.


  •  A written decision will be delivered to all parties summarizing the evidence and stating the reason(s) for the decision.  If the decision is in favor of the student, the education record will be amended.  If the decision is for the record to remain the same, the student may place a statement commenting on or disagreeing with the decision in the education record.