AS-2 Placement of Dedication Plaques

  1. An appropriately worded and design dedication plaque may be placed either as a cornerstone or at the main entrance to the building (interior or exterior), giving the names and pertinent information. The following information should be included on the plaque.
    1. Building Name
    2. Chancellor's Name and Title
    3. College President's Name and Title
    4. Governing Board Members' Names and Positions (President, Secretary, or Member)
    5. Consultant Name
    6. Contractor Name
    7. Year of Occupancy
    8. Option to include a graphic of either the campus logo or other theme/symbol/shape that is used in the building signage
    9. College Name (either as a separate line or as part of the President's name)

      Dr. Jane Doe, President, <name> Community College, Maricopa County Community College District (along with the current District logo)

  2. The plaque size should be determined by the building team in response to the location, materials, visibility and other signage on the project or campus.
  3. Names and titles should be as they are at the time of building occupancy. In the case of an interim or temporary position holder at the time of occupancy, the name of that position should revert to the individual holding the full-time or permanent position at the time design or construction began.