AS-4 MCCCD Voluntary Payroll Deduction

All requests to establish a voluntary payroll deduction will be subject to a development period. Requests approved by June 30 will be implemented January 1. Requests approved by December 31 will be implemented July 1.


Requirements for Approval to Establish a Voluntary Payroll Deduction

  1. Program or organization must be consistent with MCCCD Vision, Mission and Values.
  2. Program or organization must demonstrate benefit to MCCCD employees, or to the community.
  3. At least 100 MCCCD Governing Board approved employees must indicate intention to participate.
  4. MCCCD assumes that payroll-deducted donations will be continued by employees over time.
  5. If for charitable purposes, administrative costs of any external charitable program may not exceed 30% of revenues.
  6. No consideration for approval will be given if the charitable organization exists under the umbrella of a larger fund-raising group.
  7. After committee consideration and determination, a written response will be issued by the VC of HR. The committee will be comprised of:
    1. Vice Chancellor of Human Resources (chair)
    2. Vice Chancellor of Business Services
    3. Assistant Legal Counsel
    4. MCCCD Governing Board approved employee (selected by VC of HR

Requirement to Retain a Voluntary Payroll Deduction Program

A roster (participants and deducted amounts for each) will be generated with every payroll and supplied to the organization/program for regular on-going audit, and for processing by MCCCD Accounts Payable Dept. Should fewer than 90 continuing payroll deduction participants be regularly identified, the VC of HR [or his/her designee] may discontinue the payroll deduction process for the organization or program.

Making the Request to Establish a Voluntary Payroll Deduction

A written request to establish a voluntary payroll deduction must be submitted to the VC of HR by a principal on behalf of the organization seeking approval, or by an MCCCD Governing Board approved employee on behalf of the MCCCD program seeking approval.

Written Request

The written request must include:

  1. A roster with a minimum of 100 MCCCD Governing Board approved employee names and ID #s prepared to endorse regular payroll deductions, and total amount of contribution (each) intended during first year.
  2. Organization or program information demonstrating the value to MCCCD employees, MCCCD students, or the community.
  3. Charitable organization’s financial reports from the previous three (3) fiscal years clarifying the ratio of administrative costs to the dollar amounts directly benefiting intended recipients.
  4. Organization’s articles of incorporation, showing 501(c)3 charitable status, if applicable.

Consideration of Request Will Be Made by Committee, Comprised of:

  1. Vice Chancellor of Human Resources (chair)
  2. Vice Chancellor of Business Services
  3. Assistant Legal Counsel
  4. MCCCD Governing Board approved employee (selected by VC of HR)

Written Response

One of three written responses will be issued by the VC of HR within 10 working days of receipt of the request:

  1. Approval to Establish A Voluntary Payroll Deduction (in the name of the program/organization)
  2. Request Denial
  3. Continuance: additional information required to continue consideration of the request

If Approved, the Following Must Be Submitted to the MCCCD Payroll Department

  1. Request to establish a new payroll deduction fiscal code and to develop related payroll programming.
  2. A copy of the written approval issued by the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources.
  3. The roster of participants (employee name, MCCCD Empl ID#, anticipated annual contribution).
  4. A sample participant sign-up form, including fields for each of the following:
    1. Name
    2. Work
    3. location
    4. Employee ID #
    5. Dollar amount to be deducted per pay period [in whole dollar amounts only, e.g. $7.00, not $7.50]; and, anticipated annual contribution
    6. Start date
    7. Language authorizing MCCCD to make the deduction
    8. Employee signature and date

Exemption and Reinstatement

  1. All voluntary payroll deduction programs that are active as of the adoption date of this Administrative Regulation are exempted from meeting the criteria included in the Regulation.
  2. Any voluntary payroll deduction program considered to be inactive must meet the established thresholds and standards outlined in this Regulation to be eligible for reinstatement.

APPROVED through the Administrative Regulation approval process, June 19, 2007