6.3 Awarding of Emeritus Distinction

  1. Upon recommendation by the Chancellor, the Governing Board may award emeritus distinction to any full-time residential faculty, chancellor, vice-chancellor, college president, or college vice president who retires from the Maricopa County Community College District.
  2. The Chancellor may recommend, and the Governing Board may award, emeritus distinction to a candidate only following a determination that the candidate has:
    1. at least twenty years of full-time service in the Maricopa District with ten of the years in the position for which emeritus distinction is recommended;
    2. demonstrated satisfactory performance;
    3. not been the object of an adverse personnel decision; and
    4. fulfilled all terms and conditions of employment.
  3. The Governing Board may upon, recommendation by the Chancellor, award emeritus distinction to a candidate that does not meet the criteria in subsection (2), upon sufficient showing that the candidate has:
    1. Contributed significantly to his or her respective field or discipline:
    2. Performed service throughout the candidate's employment in the Maricopa District that have been of direct benefit to students; and
    3. Contributed to the creation of innovative programs or initiatives within the Maricopa district.
    4. At least ten years of full time service in the Maricopa District.
  4. The awarding of emeritus distinction will mean that the candidate's name and title, followed by emeritus distinction, will be placed in the appropriate college catalog or district publication. Awarding of emeritus distinction shall not entitle the holder to remuneration or other benefit in addition to any provided under this policy.
  5. The Chancellor shall consider, for recommendation to the Governing Board, every employee eligible for emeritus distinction following the employee's retirement. This policy shall be applied retroactively to any eligible employee who has retired prior to the effective date of this policy provided that a written petition for emeritus distinction is submitted on the employee's behalf to the Chancellor and the Chancellor is provided sufficient written documentation to justify the awarding of emeritus distinction. Emeritus distinction may be awarded posthumously.

AMENDED February 22, 2011, Motion No. 9781, 9782
AMENDED January 23, 2007, Motion No. 9393
AMENDED November 28, 2006, Motion No. 9388
AMENDED June 25, 2002, Motion No. 9114
AMENDED November 27, 2001 (for inclusion in Board Auxiliary Policy Type only)
ADOPTED May 23, 2000, Motion No. 8968