6.4 Background Checks

  1. The Vice Chancellor for Human Resources shall create and implement a process of background checks concerning persons selected for employment or for volunteer or internship service in various positions, and concerning current employees who assume employment responsibilities that warrant such checks. Whether a background check is performed concerning a person shall be determined solely by pre-established aspects of the employment or service that would justify a background check, as identified by the Vice Chancellor. Performance of a background check shall not be based on the unique characteristics of a particular person.
  2. A background check preformed pursuant to this administrative regulation may inquire only into a person's previous employment or service; prior acts or circumstances relevant to financial or other valuable assets; and criminal activity. A criminal conviction shall not serve as an absolute bar to employment or service.
  3. The process of background checks shall be designated to ensure that all background check information be maintained in a confidential manner and shared with only those persons who possess a clear need to know such information. Employees of the Maricopa Community Colleges with decision-making authority in any hiring process shall facilitate hiring decisions in accordance with the process.

AMENDED Feburay 22, 2011, Motion No. 9781, 9782
ADOPTED March 27, 2007, Motion No. 9418