Notice of Outcome Frequently Asked Questions


Using the deliberation statement provided by the Decision-maker, the Title IX Coordinator will to prepare a Notice of Outcome letter. Upon its completion, the Title IX Coordinator will share the letter, which will include the final determination, rationale, and any applicable sanction(s) with the parties and their Advisors within five (5) days of receiving the Decision-maker(s)’ deliberation statement.

The Notice of Outcome letter will specify the finding on each alleged policy violation; the findings of fact that support the determination; conclusions regarding the application of the relevant policy to the facts at issue; and a statement of, and rationale for, the resulting decision.

The Notice of Outcome will also include information on the relevant procedures and bases for any available appeal options. 

The Notice of Outcome letter will be delivered via U.S. mail to the local or permanent address of the parties as indicated in official Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) records and via email to the parties’ (MCCCD)-issued email. Once mailed and emailed, notice will be presumptively delivered.