The Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) Title IX Sexual Harassment policy strictly prohibits retaliation for engaging in protected activities.

Protected activity under this policy includes reporting an incident that may violate policy, participating in the grievance process, supporting a Complainant or Respondent, assisting in providing information relevant to an investigation, and/or acting in good faith to oppose conduct that constitutes a violation of this policy. 

It is prohibited for the MCCCD or any member of MCCCDs community to take materially adverse action by intimidating, threatening, coercing, harassing, or discriminating against any individual for the purpose of interfering with any right or privilege secured by law or policy, or because the individual has made a report or complaint, testified, assisted, or participated or refused to participate in any manner in an investigation, proceeding, or hearing under this policy and procedure. 

The exercise of rights protected under the First Amendment do not constitute retaliation.

Charging an individual with a code of conduct violation for making a materially false statement in bad faith in the course of a grievance proceeding under this policy and procedure does not constitute retaliation, provided that a determination regarding responsibility, alone, is not sufficient to conclude that any party has made a materially false statement in bad faith.

Acts of alleged retaliation should be reported immediately to the Title IX Coordinator and will be promptly investigated. The MCCCD is prepared to take appropriate steps to protect individuals who fear that they may be subjected to retaliation.